How Devitise Helps to Have a 24/7/365 Live Web Server?

What is a Web Server and its Use?

Web servers are one of the most fundamental and important aspect of World Wide Web and internet. Often web servers consists of hardware and software components build specially for the task. Unlike, usual computers or even business systems, web servers should run 24/7/365 to keep the service live and smooth. To do so, significant effort is needed on web server monitoring and web server maintenance.

What is Web Server Monitoring?

Usually, web server issues does not rise over night, at least the catastrophic ones, instead it gives warning signs that can be identified by daily thorough monitoring of the server. There are manual and automated ways to do this. Web server monitoring does not only relate to checking whether it is live or not, it involves but not limited to checking whether all functions work accurately and efficiently (firewalls, security plugins, proxies etc), backup management, management of resources (CPU – computing power, memory, hard disk usage), load balancing and overall performance of the server. Experienced web server monitoring companies like can detect even slightest issues of servers regardless of the platform it runs on.

What is Web Server Management?

There are two reasons why people run into server failures, one is failing to monitor web servers regularly and effectively, the other is not taking necessary steps to eliminate issues detected. After detecting issues, there should be actions against those to avoid any server problems and that is called web server management or web server maintenance. However, nowadays, web server management and server maintenance often refer A-Z of the overall process including server monitoring. There are server management companies that only offer maintenance and give away monitoring to third parties but it is recommended to hire web server management company that do the monitoring as well as the maintenance in-house for maximum reliability. For example, Devitise is a web server management company that fits this model best. The company is known to have experts in all departments of server management.

Why Devitise for Web Server Maintenance?

Devitise offers server maintenance services with a vision which is to offer right service to right business to achieve right purpose of right users. Server maintenance services of Devitise are not limited by platform of client’s server as the company has experts on PHP, WordPress, Dreamweaver based etc. The key to have a reliable server is to keep consistency in server checks and taking immediate actions once a problem is noted and businesses can get help from professional server maintenance service for that, the


Web Server Maintenance

It is very important to make sure that your web server is always up and running. Web server maintenance is not always about keeping website live 24/7 but also maintaining the performance. Otherwise, your website will not able to satisfy visitors’ expectations. That’s why you need web server management and maintenance services from